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Electronic Fast Fall


World’s first electronic fast fall!

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Designed and manufactured in Australia, Savwinch has engineered a complete anchoring system. This system combines optimal anchor retrieval rates, energy efficiency and low power consumption. A key part of the Savwinch design is torque. Torque & optimal speed allows for SAFE operation on the water.

Some of our competitors have tried to compete with our fast fall system by increasing the speeds of their motors on their winches and will promote their products as being a faster winch. The only benefit of a fast winch is at anchoring time. On the way up, faster speeds can be catastrophic i.e. drawing too much current, wearing down all parts faster, overloading the gearbox and motor and anchor smashing into your hull or bowe sprit. With the SAV-EFF series, we avoid these issues. HOW?

General principle:

Increases the speed of your anchor drop to near fast fall speeds but you are not mechanically free falling your anchor you’re electronically controlling it by increasing the speed of the motor. This ensures you’re in control by the push of a button, when you release the button the system stops where it is and does not continue to fall. This is safer than a free fall system in case of accidental disengagement. No overruns with this system and no mechanical clutch failures. With a near zero return rate for warranty, this is certainly the most reliable way to drop your anchor down quickly!

Installation is a breeze: just run your wires to the motor, batteries and Forward/Reverse switch.

Comes with the reliable Savwinch full five year warranty for recreational users.

Available for the SAVWINCH 550W & 1000W models.

  • Easy Installation and simple operation.
  • Excellent service factor and reliability.
  • No mechanical clutch system.
  • Energy saving low power consumption.
  • Safety first operation on the water with fast fall anchoring feature.
  • 5 year recreational user warranty.
  • Optimal retrieval rate designed not to hit your boat hull.
  • IP66 enclosed electrical components.
  • Marine industry award winning design.


Installation is a breeze: Just run your wires to the motor, batteries and Forward/Reverse switch.

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