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HyDrive Commander Outboard Kit 5


The best combination of performance and economy, the new Commander series of HyDrive steering kits brings years of consolidated HyDrive engineering into one affordable package for pleasure boat users. Front-Mount Style

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Model 501 Helm (200HP outboards or twin outboards up to 400HP Total counter-rotating)

The standard helm used in the all new Commander series, these helms are built to last at an affordable price by utilizing specialized materials engineered by HyDrive’s team. The end result is a product that lives up to the standards of the world-leader in hydraulic boat steering.

  • Sleek new shape to make modern console designs
  • Front – mount design for maximum appeal
  • Hi-Tech composite alloy housing material which is stronger than aluminium and totally corrosion resistant for maximum exposure to the elements
  • Improved internal efficiency
  • Smooth and powerful operation


Model 516FM Cylinder (Front-Mount Style)

The new 516FM cylinder utilises the same materials and technology to provide a powerful front-mount clyinder which offers a highly competitive price, but with superior quality and performance to other alternatives.

  • Totally new cylinder barrel construction offering increased strength and compact design
  • Anodised high tensile aluminium for performance and protection
  • Precision ground and polished 316 stainless steel piston rods for maximum service life. This is not chrome-plated lower-grade stainless which can flake and damage seals.


Kit Contains:

  • 516FM “Front-Mount” Cylinder
  • 501 Helm rated for 200HP (UPGRADE to a 401 Helm rated for 300HP)
  • 2 litres ULTRA-15 fluid
  • 15 Metres 3/8″ OD Nylon tubing
  • All Fittings required to fit
  • Bleeding Kit
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Instruction Manual

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