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HyDrive Outboard Kit 5


Capable of handling V4 and V6 outboards up to 400hp. Brass and nickel material is used to guarantee a product capable of any environment.

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The  HyDrive Model 216FM cylinder is designed to fit all brands of V4 and V6 Outboards*. It offers the advantage of rigid mounting directly in front of the motor. While it does require more well-space than the “Bullhorn” type cylinder, the hydraulic hoses remain stationary.

The marine brass cylinder is nickel coated and has special non-conductive and wear resistant rod-guides, offering maximum protection against electrolysis and other damage. It is capable of handling single or twin V4 and V6 outboards without torque feedback up to a total of 400HP. Combined with the Admiral series 101 helm, it offers the ultimate in boat handling for you and your family.

Kit Contains:

  • 216FM “Front Mount” Cylinder
  • 401 Helm
  • 2 litres ULTRA-15 fluid
  • 15 Metres 3/8″ OD Nylon tubing
  • All Fittings required to fit
  • Bleeding Kit
  • Warranty
  • Instruction Manual

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