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HyDrive Power Kit Starter Kit


New Series II – 12VDC Power Steering to suit any brand or horsepower outboard

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The HyDrive Series II Powerkit-M12 is designed to provide state of the art Electro-hydraulic power steering to handle large horsepower or multiple outboart engines. Tried and proven for over 10 years on extreme performance boats, we now offer the latest generation of helm units with a smaller footprint which are lighter and give smoother control.

The system can be used to upgrade existing steering, or can be installed as a complete steering unit. It is not a servo-system therefore any movement ion the wheel is instant and without delay. Other servo-type systems on the market prove mcuh less direct cotrol and are less reliable in the long run.

The heart of the package is the microprocessor-controlled pump unit with senses loads and delivers pressures up to 1000psi to handle the most powerful applications with finger-tip control on the wheel.

The pump unit comes as a package with a single station steering helm unit which delivers 50cc rev giving very direct steering with a turns ratio on a 210BH outboard steering cylinder of only 3 turns lock to lock.

Powerkit 12 Starter Kit:

  • Helm Unit – PSM-50
  • 12 VDC Pump
  • 2 Litres ULTRA-15 fluid
  • Fitting Kit
  • Installation Manual

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